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Lesson 26: Following Dietary Guidelines

Self-Check Quiz

Why are there different caloric levels for different types of people?
A)The USDA created different Food Guide Pyramids for different age groups and genders
B)People of different sizes, genders, and different activity levels have different caloric needs
C)Because different people crave different kinds of food
D)All of the above
What type of vegetarian diet eliminates all animal products and foods of animal origin?
A)Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet
B)Semi-vegetarian diet
C)Lacto-vegetarian diet
D)Vegan diet
The ____________ tells how many servings you should eat from each food group each day to have a balanced diet.
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A)Dietary Guidelines
B)vegan diet
C)vegetarian diet
D)Food Guide Pyramid
What is a benefit of replacing the soda you drink with vegetable juice?
A)Increase the amount of vegetables in your diet
B)Replace the empty calories of soda in your diet
C)Vegetarian diet
D)All of the above
Which of the following words best describes the Dietary Guidelines' approach to exercise?
Besides health reasons, what is a reason a person might decide to follow a vegetarian diet?
A)You will lose weight
B)To avoid the killing of animals
C)It is less expensive
D)It is easier to prepare
Which of the following food groups do you think is the most likely for teens to exceed the recommended number of servings per day?
A)The vegetable group, because teens have easy access to this group all day
B)The meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts group, because teens eat so much peanut butter
C)The milk, yogurt, and cheese group because teens drink so much milk
D)The bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group, because most meals include many servings from this group
Why shouldn't you eat unlimited amounts of a food, as long as it is not junk food?
A)Both a and c
B)You have to consider the amount of overall calories you eat in a day
C)You would ruin your appetite for the servings of fats and sweet
D)Some healthful foods can still increase your cholesterol if consumed in large quantities
Which of the following is a concern about a vegan teen?
A)They do not get enough protein because plant products only supply incomplete proteins.
B)They do not get enough of the B vitamins because they are not eating red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or dairy products.
C)They do not get enough calcium because they are not eating dairy products.
D)All of these
The USDA designed the Dietary Guidelines for the purpose of ______________.
A)promoting overall dietary health for people over age 2
B)preventing people from becoming vegetarians
C)controlling what parents feed babies until they are 2 years old
D)recommending dietary choices for pregnant women
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