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Lesson 24: Aging Healthfully

Self-Check Quiz

How can you control your biological and social ages?
A)By staying active and choosing healthful behaviors
B)By seeing a gerontaologist
C)By treating clinical depression before you become elderly
D)By drinking lots of milk
A request for medical nonintervention is ___________.
A)brain death or the irreversible stopping of circulatory and respiratory functions
B)a request for hospice care at home
C)a state of unconsciousness
D)a person's refusal of specific life support systems when there is no reasonable expectations of recovering or regaining a meaningful life
Why would it benefit a person to be an active part in his or her grandchild's life?
A)To make sure the child is raised correctly
B)So that the child will help care for them if they get sick
C)It provides energy and activity for the grandparent.
D)To prevent Alzheimer's disease
Which of the following is an example of something aging adults can hope for?
A)Starting a new career
B)Activities with friends
C)Birth of grandchild or great-grandchild
D)b and c
Which of the following is not a habit that promotes healthful aging?
A)Balancing work with play
B)Eating a healthful, balanced breakfast each day
C)Exercising regularly
D)Smoking or using other tobacco products
Why might it be especially difficult and stressful for an adult to care for their own elderly parent?
A)They would know what diseases they would get as they age.
B)Seeing a parent in decline can be very sad and scary.
C)There may not be a gatekeeper program in the area.
D)The parent may not have a living will.
Why do older people who stay socially active maintain better health?
A)They have contact with friends and family and avoid becoming isolated.
B)It helps relieve the pain of arthritis.
C)It prevents Alzheimer's disease.
D)It is a treatment but not a cure for dementia.
Why will there by an increased need for gerontologists in the coming decades?
A)Due to improvements in treating illness and disease, people are living longer than they used to.
B)b and c
C)Because fewer people are taking care of their own health
D)The "baby-boomer generation" is very large and is approaching old age.
Why would older people need someone to deliver meals to their homes?
A)They might not be able to cook for themselves anymore.
B)They might not be able to get to a store regularly.
C)Because fewer people are taking care of their own health
D)All of the above
Which of the following is a factor that needs to be considered when you are a caregiver for a family member?
A)The type of care the family member needs
B)The type of care you can provide
C)Because fewer people are taking care of their own health
D)All of the above
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