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Lesson 23: Developing Learning and Planning Styles

Self-Check Quiz

Having a positive body image helps you have _________.
A)positive self-esteem
B)a sex role
C)negative self-esteem
D)a social conscience
What might happen if you skip some of the developmental tasks of adolescence?
A)You won't be able to raise responsible children.
B)You won't have any friends.
C)You'll never get a good job.
D)You might have trouble becoming an independent and mature adult.
Why is it important to know your own learning style?
A)So you can tell others and look smarter
B)You can tell your teachers and they can teach class the way that benefits you
C)So that you are aware of the easiest way for you to learn new things and can use that information to study or to do activities in class that will help you
D)So you can compare your learning styles with other students to see which ones are the best
When setting goals for your future, revising your plan or timeline when you encounter a problem is an example of ___________.
A)being resilient
B)setting a long-term goal
C)lowering your standards
D)assessing your resources
Your employer knows that he/she can count on you at work because you are committed and motivated. You have a good ___________.
C)work ethic
People with a learning disability are __________.
A)can be very successful
B)capable of learning
C)need support and encouragement from classmates and family members
D)all of the above
Why is it important to have healthful friendships with boys and girls?
A)To be sure you have a lot of friends
B)To learn your different learning styles
C)To make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous
D)To understand the similarities and differences in males and females
A(n) __________ is a way a person acts and the feelings and attitudes(s) he has about being male or female.
A)body image
B)self image
C)sex role
D)action plan
Dyslexia is most like which of the following?
A)Trying to read words in the reflection of a mirror
B)Needing bright lights to see words on a paper
C)Needing a magnifying glass to read a newspaper
D)Wearing glasses that were not made for your eyes
Getting your high school diploma and working a part-time job are ways to achieve what developmental task?
A)Learning skills you will need later when you marry and have children
B)Having a clear set of values to guide your behavior
C)Preparing for a career
D)Developing healthful friendships with members of both sexes
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