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Lesson 22: Caring for Infants and Children

Self-Check Quiz

How long should you let a young child stay in the bath tub to play while you do other things?
A)No longer than 15 minutes
B)As long as they can sit up on their own, it's okay.
C)Until they are done playing and ready to wash themselves
D)You should never leave a young child alone in the bath tub.
Which of the following is an important issue on the childsitter's checklist that you need to know?
A)I have discussed the hours I will childsit and have arranged for transporation.
B)I know what the child is and is not allowed to do.
C)Until they are done playing and ready to wash themselves
D)All of the above
How could a baby's risk of SIDS increase if he or she sleeps with fluffy blankets or pillows?
A)The baby could suffocate in the soft fabric.
B)The baby could sleep too deeply.
C)The fluffy blankets and cute pillows would spoil a child.
D)The baby might be too comfortable.
Which of the following is not an age-appropriate activity for kids aged three to five?
A)Running in the back yard
B)Learning to count
C)Telling silly stories
D)Playing kickball in the street
Why should you know how to contact the parent when you are childsitting?
A)So you can tell the kids where the parent went
B)To call the parent if the child does something they shouldn't
C)To contact the parent in case of an emergency
D)So you can call them to ask when the kids should go to bed
Why should a childsitter be patient?
A)Because the parents never come home early.
B)It will make the kids be patient, too.
C)It helps you to recognize safety hazards.
D)Because young children can be very energetic and do not always listen.
What should you do if you feel angry and out of control when watching children?
A)Spank the child
B)Put the child or children in a safe area and step into another room to calm down
C)Put the child in his or her bed or crib and tell him or her to stay there
D)Leave the house because it's better than yelling at the child
Why is it important to understand the characteristics of different age groups of children?
A)To know what activities they will like
B)Both a and c
C)So you can keep the different age groups separated
D)To understand what they will need help with when you childsit
The need to be independent, to eat, drink, and get dressed without help, and may throw temper tantrums, are characteristics of what age group?
A)Three- to five-year-olds
B)One- to three-year-olds
C)Newborns to one-year-olds
D)Five- to eight-year-olds
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