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Lesson 20: Learning About the Reproductive Systems

Self-Check Quiz

How are drug and alcohol abuse related to male and female reproductive health?
A)Teens who abuse drugs or alcohol are often more mature than other teens.
B)These teens experience puberty at an older age.
C)These teens can damage their bodies so that they cannot have children.
D)They will have more testosterone and estrogen during puberty.
How do hormones affect males and females during puberty?
A)causing the delay of secondary sex characteristics
B)by causing big changes in teens' emotions
C)by calming teens' emotions
D)by delaying any sexual feelings teens have already had
Which of the following is a way that females can protect their reproductive health?
A)practice abstinence from sex
B)keep a calendar in which they record information about their menstrual cycle
C)Have regular medical checkups after the age of 40
D)all of the above
Why would your doctor recommend practicing abstinence from sex?
A)It protects your emotional and psychological health.
B)keep a calendar in which they record information about their menstrual cycle
C)by calming teens' emotions
D)all of the above
Which of the following is NOT a habit that will help protect a male's reproductive health?
A)practice abstinence from sex
B)bathe a few times per week
C)perform testicular self-examinations
D)wear protective clothing and equipment when participating in sports and physical activities
How can wearing a tampon overnight increase the risk of TSS?
A)The teen might not sleep well.
B)It causes PMS.
C)Bacteria has time to grow and spread in the body.
D)It causes amenorrhea.
How can having a poor body image affect a teen?
A)The person will get better grades.
B)He or she might lack self-confidence.
C)He or she wouldn't look like everyone else.
D)Other teens won't like the person.
Why should you worry about protecting your reproductive health now?
A)You really don't need to.
B)The idea of being healthy is "in" right now.
C)Because in 15 years you might feel differently about your body and having children.
D)It's going to be on the test later.
Why is it important to learn about male and female reproductive systems?
A)it's not important to learn both; you only need to study the section that applies to you
B)so you will understand what you and others are experiencing during puberty and adulthood
C)so you can tell who is normal and who is not
D)to get better grades on your health tests
Which of the following is NOT an effective technique for reducing menstrual cramps?
A)drinking more soda pop
B)taking medications, such as ibuprofen
C)taking a warm bath
D)doing moderate exercise
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