Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Lesson 19: Keeping Your Body Healthy

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following is most like the nervous system?
A)a water treatment plant
B)a computer
C)a power plant
D)a factory
How are bones related to the cardiovascular system and the immune system?
A)by producing red blood cells and white blood cells
B)by improving the body's reflex action
C)by helping to pass waste into the urine
D)by increasing the amount of Vitamin D in the body
What do hormones have to do with the onset of puberty?
A)they regulate adrenaline in the body
B)they prevent testosterone and estrogen from being produced
C)they cause the development of secondary sex characteristics
D)they help prevent diabetes mellitus
The aorta is to the heart as the ________ is (are) to the brain.
C)spinal cord
What gland is responsible for producing hormones that control growth and other glands?
A)parathyroid gland
B)pituitary gland
C)thyroid gland
If your body had no tendons, you _____________.
A)would be double-jointed
B)could not make your body move
C)could jump much higher than you can now
D)wouldn't miss them
The greatest amount of digestion and absorption happen in the ________.
A)large intestine
B)small intestine
What problem could result from a weakened immune system?
A)inability to sleep
B)inability to fight off common illnesses
C)decrease of mucus in the bronchi
D)a decrease in the number of pathogens you are exposed to
Why is it dangerous to dive into shallow water or water of unknown depth?
A)someone might follow you who doesn't know how to swim
B)if you hit the bottom or a rock on the bottom you could damage your neck or spinal cord
C)the temperature could be much lower the deeper you go
D)you would not know if there were fish in the water
The kidney is an organ that ___________.
A)releases urine to the urethra
B)passes urine out of the body
C)filters blood and excretes waste in the form of urine
D)carries urine to the bladder
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