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Lesson 17: Recognizing Harmful Relationships

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following is a type of person who acts in a harmful manner?
A)the liar
B)the fixer
C)the enabler
D)all of the above
How does a controller differ from an abuser?
A)An abuser is never controlling.
B)A controller is never abusive.
C)A controller's behavior may lead to abuse.
D)All abusers started out as controllers.
The male in a relationship abuses his girlfriend. She makes excuses for his behavior to make it appear that he really is not. He is a(n) _____ and she is a(n)_________.
A)liar, controller
B)fixer, clinger
C)center, people pleaser
D)abuser, enabler
Lisa is quick to offer advice when Jennifer has a problem. Jennifer gets annoyed by Lisa because she constantly tells her how she would handle a situation. What type of person is Lisa?
A)an abuser
B)a controller
C)a fixer
D)a distancer
Which of the following is a reason you should end a harmful relationship rather than work to change it?
A)they threaten your health or safety
B)your parents or guardian ask you to do so
C)the other person chooses illegal behavior
D)all of the above
What type of person may a controller attract to form a relationship?
A)a liar
B)a promise breaker
C)a people pleaser
D)a center
A classmate is always talking about themselves and never seems concerned about listening to others. What type of person is this?
A)the clinger
B)the center
C)the liar
D)the fixer
A(n) __________ is often described as a doormat.
D)people pleaser
A friend complains that her boyfriend avoids sharing his feelings and pushes her away when she tries to get close to him. What type of person is her boyfriend?
A)an enabler
B)a clinger
C)a liar
D)a distancer
Which of the following is a characteristic of a clinger?
A)puts others down
B)needy and dependent
C)makes plans and cancels them
D)does not tell the truth
Why is it important to talk to someone outside a harmful relationship when you decide to make a change in the relationship?
A)to see how mad the other person will be
B)they can tell the person in the harmful relationship that you don't want to see them anymore
C)because outsiders may help you see the problem and solution more clearly
D)to see which profile you are
A relationship that promotes health is an example of a _______.
A)harmful relationship
B)healthful relationship
C)clinging relationship
D)controlling relationship
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