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Lesson 16: Practicing Abstinence From Sex

Self-Check Quiz

Why do you think having self-respect is healthful?
A)You are more likely to choose a behavior that is good for you.
B)No one will ever try to pressure you to do something you don't want to do.
C)You are more likely to sex before marriage.
D)You are more likely to do something to please others.
A marriage commitment implies __________.
A)legal age of consent
B)being an enabler
C)sexual fidelity
A friend tells you that he or she is sexually active but wants to change his or her behavior because it's not good for his or her health. What can he or she do to change his or her behavior?
A)be honest and direct about the commitment to practice abstinence in new relationships
B)set new guidelines for expressing affection
C)sexual fidelity
D)all of the above
What is a healthful response to someone who is pressuring you to have sex?
A)to continue going out with him or her
B)to be direct and explain why you practice abstinence
C)to sometimes say you want to have sex, and other times say you are practicing abstinence
D)to avoid talking about it because of the stress it causes
Someone who is voluntarily choosing not to be sexually active is practicing _____________.
A)a traditional marriage
B)sexual fidelity
C)abstinence from sex
D)poor judgement
Why does it make sense to stay in public areas, such as a living room, when on a date?
A)You are more likely to stick to limits you have set for yourself in a public area.
B)It doesn't because you would be safer in a private area, such as a bedroom.
C)So that you are closer to the kitchen.
D)It's less likely to be messy in a living room.
Which of the following is not a guideline for keeping your mind in charge of your body?
A)Tell a person your limits after expressing affection.
B)Avoid drinking alcohol and using other drugs that dull your brain and interfere with wise judgement.
C)Date someone who respects your limits.
D)Limit your expressions of affection to hand holding, hugging, and casual kissing.
If you love me, you will. You can't get pregnant the first time. If you won't do it, I'll find someone who will. These are examples of what?
A)statements of love
B)A line with the intent to pressure someone into having sex.
C)pledges of marriage
D)statements of a healthful relationship
The legal age of consent is the age at which a person __________.
A)is legally able to vote
B)is legally able to give permission for sexual contact
C)can drink legally
D)can drive
Genital herpes is an example of a(n) _______________.
A)sexually transmitted disease
B)respiratory disease
C)affective disorder
D)disease you can get from shaking someone's hand
Practicing abstinence is a ________ that can prevent STDs and teenage pregnancy.
A)irresponsible decision
B)responsible decision
C)sexual feeling
D)mental disorder
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