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Lesson 9: Developing a Healthy Mind

Self-Check Quiz

An addiction is __________.
A)willing to work with others for a common benefit
B)being able to adjust, recover, bounce back, and learn from difficulties
C)a compelling need to take drugs or engage in a specific behavior
D)waiting or enduring difficulty without complaining
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a codependent person?
A)try to protect others from the harmful consequences of their behavior
B)try to control other people
C)meet their own needs
D)deny their feelings
A relapse is _____________.
A)a group of people who help one another recover
B)an exercise
C)to confront a person about an addiction
D)a return to a previous behavior or condition
A mental disorder that involves a person either starving themselves or binging and purging is called a(n) _______________.
A)eating disorder
B)healthy diet
C)relationship addiction
D)drug addiction
A person who is addicted to television or computer use _________.
A)is smart because he or she can use a computer
B)doesn't hurt anyone else with his or her addiction
C)misses out on other healthful activities
D)learns a lot from watching the news
People who suffer from eating disorders often ________.
A)are beautiful
B)have high self-esteem
C)cure themselves
D)lack self-confidence
Someone who lends money to a person who has a drug addiction is considered a(n) ___________.
D)support group
A mental or emotional condition that makes it difficult for a person to live in a normal way is a(n) _________.
A)mental disorder
B)nicotine addiction
D)all of the above
Which of the following is a sign of addiction?
A)taking a drug or engaging in a risky behavior even when there are negative consequences
B)not being able to stop taking a drug or engaging in risky behaviors
C)having the urge to take a drug or engage in a risky behavior
D)all of the above
A disorder in which real or imagined fears prevent a person from enjoying life is called a(n)________.
A)anxiety disorder
B)affective disorder
C)dissociate disorder
D)multiple personality
Why is it important to learn about different mental disorders?
A)because mental disorders are common and you may know someone who is affected
B)so you tell who has them and avoid those people
C)dissociate disorder
D)all of the above
An individual's unique pattern of characteristics is their _________.
A)health status
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