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Lesson 8: Developing Good Character

Self-Check Quiz

Your friend is constantly telling themselves that they will fail at something even before they try. You try to help them realize this is ________ and is harmful to their health.
A)delayed gratification
B)negative self-esteem
D)positive self-esteem
_________ is a person's use of self-control to act on responsible values
B)Good character
You find a bag of money laying in the street. Since you have good character and self-control you ___.
A)keep the money since you are the one who found it
B)turn the bag into the authorities, so they can keep it safe until the owner is contacted
C)take only half of the money so as to not feel as guilty
D)all of the above
Delayed gratification is ________.
A)not rewarding yourself at all
B)rewarding yourself before completing a task
C)voluntarily postponing an immediate reward in order to complete a task before enjoying the reward
D)not practicing self-control
Which of the following is an example of delayed gratification?
A)using a credit card to pay for things you want
B)giving away all your old clothes
C)renting movies from the library instead of going to the theatre so you can save money for a car
D)borrowing money from your parents to go out with friends
Which of the following is not a way to gain self-respect and respect from others?
A)do not worry about supporting the interests of your family
B)care for others in the way you would like them to care for you
C)being well-groomed
D)let others know what makes you feel special
A friend makes a comment that they admire how important it is to you to tell the truth. You reply that it is a belief or _________ that you hold.
Why does a social-emotional pollutant have negative effects on a person?
A)It encourages people to try new things before they know how to do them.
B)It builds self-esteem.
C)It teaches you the right way to treat others.
D)It tears down feelings of self-esteem and confidence.
What would a person with self-respect say?
A)"I'm proud that I am a good friend."
B)"I could never make the team."
C)"What would my friends say?"
D)"Who cares if it's against the rules. I'm doing it."
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