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Lesson 68: Reducing Weapon Injuries

Self-Check Quiz

Practicing the life skill, "I will not carry a weapon," can _________.
A)reduce your risk of being injured by a weapon
B)increase your risk of being injured by a weapon
C)show others that you are not strong and cannot handle a gun
D)increase your risk of harming another person with a weapon
A concealed weapon is a weapon that is __________.
A)hidden partially or fully from view
B)not hidden partially or fully from view
C)broken and does not work correctly
D)very expensive
Gang members who carry guns usually have them ___________.
A)to practice shooting at a target range for the army
B)to go hunting for food to eat
C)to protect themselves in a fight or to intimidate others
D)to rob banks
What is the risk for two teens who are playing around with a gun that belongs to one of their fathers?
A)That a parent would find out
B)That they would break it
C)Someone would be accidentally shot
D)None of the above
If you are walking through the woods one day with your friend and find a gun on the ground, you should ___________.
A)leave the gun untouched
B)pick it up and see if it is loaded
C)pick it up and take it home to your parents
D)kick it to see what will happen
If you find yourself in a situation where someone has a weapon, you should ___________.
A)leave the scene
B)stay calm
C)try not to argue with the person
D)all of the above
What are you risking if you do not report that your friend has brought a gun to school?
A)Losing that person's friendship
B)Your own life and the lives of other students and teachers at school
C)Looking bad for having a friend with a gun
D)Looking bad for not being cool enough to carry a gun yourself
How should a gun be properly stored?
A)In any way, as long as children don't know where it is
B)In a locked cabinet and unloaded
C)In a locked cabinet and loaded
D)Under your bed for safety
What is the danger in pretending to have a gun or even carrying a fake gun?
A)Others may think it is real and harm you first
B)Others will think you are a bad person
C)Others will think you belong to a gang
D)Others may think you have a bad sense of humor
Why may kids be drawn to guns, even if they are told to leave them alone?
A)Because they think guns are cool after seeing them used in so many cartoons, games, and movies
B)Because they are not mature enough to understand how guns can harm people if they are not used properly
C)Because they have been told they are not allowed to touch guns
D)All of the above
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