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Lesson 67: Staying Away From Gangs

Self-Check Quiz

A gang is a group of people involved in __________.
A)violent and illegal activities
B)volunteer activities for the environment
C)teaching other teens about how to say "no" to drugs
D)health advocacy
Which of the following is a characteristic of most gang members?
A)They have their own vocabulary, logos, and signals.
B)They identify themselves by nicknames.
C)They operate within a territory.
D)All of these
Which of the following statements is not true?
A)Gang members are at high risk of dropping out of school.
B)Though gang members may offer to protect you, they harm you when they initiate you.
C)Gang members who break a rule or have a different opinion than other gang members may be injured or killed.
D)Some kinds of gangs can help you if you do not have family to care for you.
Which of the following teens is most at risk for joining a gang?
A)A boy who has a lot of friends and comes from poor neighborhood
B)A girl who has a very dysfunctional family and does not have a lot of friends at school
C)A girl who is very active on sports teams and has a part-time job
D)A boy who is excels in school and likes to dress differently than his peers
Why is it important to learn about how gangs operate?
A)So you can tell which ones are the dangerous ones
B)So you can know which ones are taking new members
C)So you are familiar with what gang members look like and what they do so you can avoid them
D)a and c
Why do gangs often require new members to get tattoos or other permanent scarring to show their membership?
A)To show membership is for life
B)To identify its members
C)To show new members they can make them do anything
D)All of the above
Why might it be easy for gang members to lure a teen to join by promising that they will take care of him or her?
A)If the teen doesn't have anyone at home who does care for him or her
B)Teens would look forward to the jumping-in
C)Some gangs really do take care of their members
D)All of the above
Why would gang members care if other gangs hang out in their territory?
A)They are afraid others might commit crime there.
B)They don’t want anyone else to make money that could be theirs through drug sales and other illegal activity.
C)They are afraid their members might leave to join the other gang.
D)They think the other gang might be a bad influence on their members.
Why would gang members use violence such as beatings or rape to initiate a member?
A)They have the best interests of the members in mind.
B)It's a kind of prestige crime.
C)To establish dominance over that member from the beginning
D)They really aren't violent enough to hurt the new member.
Why is it difficult for people to leave a gang after they have joined?
A)They get used to living a pampered life in the gang.
B)They have a lot of pressure from their families to stay in the gang.
C)Gang members want to help their members finish school.
D)Gang members will often beat those who want to leave, and sometimes kill them.
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