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Lesson 65: Protecting Yourself From Physical Violence

Self-Check Quiz

Random violence is __________.
A)violence over which a person has no control
B)violence over which a person has complete control
C)violence that affects teens only
D)violence that is not illegal
Which of the following is not a way to reduce your risk of being harmed in public places?
A)Never hitchhiking
B)Walking alone at night or in high-risk areas
C)Avoiding places that are deserted
D)Using pay phones only in well-lighted places where there are many other people
Which of the following is a reason why victims of violence need to participate in victim recovery?
A)They may need a complete medical examination if they have experienced physical injuries.
B)They may lack self-respect and allow others to harm them.
C)They may need to learn better ways to protect themselves.
D)All of these
If a friend begins withdrawing from regular friends, seems depressed, and acts fearful around a new boyfriend, what might you suspect?
A)She is a perpetrator of violence.
B)This is her way of expressing affection.
C)rmotional abuse by the boyfriend
D)hazing by her sports team
What includes ways for a perpetrator of violence to understand what abuse is, deal with anger in healthy ways, and improve self-esteem?
A)Victim recovery program
B)Post traumatic stress disorder
D)Recovery and intervention programs
Which of the following is an example of secondary victimization?
A)A person who is raped
B)A person who is robbed twice by the same person
C)A person who is told the crime would not have happened if he or she had acted differently
D)A person who is told the crime could have been much worse if he or she didn't act bravely
Which of these is an example of a lack of awareness?
A)Getting a ride home from a party with someone you just met
B)Getting a ride home from a party with your friend and his parents
C)Walking home in a group instead of alone
D)Being alarmed if someone approaches your car when you are stopped
Why is it important to check a repair person's identification before letting him or her into your house?
A)So they'll know they can't overcharge you
B)So you can be sure they are who they say they are
C)So they will see you know self-defense strategies
D)So you can make sure they are a nice person
What should you do if your coach or activity leader knows about hazing on your team but does nothing to stop it?
A)Make sure he or she knows it wasn't your idea
B)Make sure you are the one doing the hazing, not being hazed
C)Explain to others on the team that it's just something you all have to go through
D)Tell another adult and don't stop telling people until someone puts a stop to the hazing
Why is neglect considered to be a form of child abuse?
A)Children are dependent on others for basic necessities.
B)Parents have a social, but not legal, responsibility to care for their children.
C)Neglect is a worse type of abuse than any other abuse.
D)Other forms of abuse usually lead to neglect.
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