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Lesson 63: Reducing the Risk of Violence

Self-Check Quiz

Someone with _________ backs off when there is a disagreement.
A)passive behavior
B)aggressive behavior
C)assertive behavior
D)violent behavior
One day at school you notice that a male student is making unwanted sexual comments to several female students. You warn the male student that this type of behavior is called __________.
A)sexual harassment
B)domestic violence
C)child abuse
People with _______ are less likely to be victims of violence.
A)passive behavior
B)aggressive behavior
C)assertive behavior
D)violent behavior
How can being proud of yourself help you avoid being a victim or perpetrator of violence?
A)You may not be able to resist peer pressure.
B)Self-respect is a protective factor.
C)People with self-respect have passive behavior.
D)It increases your risk for acting aggressively.
Which of the following will not increase your risk of becoming a victim of violence?
A)Giving in to negative peer pressure
B)Lacking self-esteem
C)Smoking marijuana
D)Seeing a therapist if you have been a victim of violence
Why does the law state that people under a certain age and those without certain mental abilities are not able to give consent even if they willingly agree to have sex?
A)They may not be able to recognize the difference between passive and aggressive behavior.
B)This can lead to increased violence.
C)They are not able to understand the implications of having a sexual relationship.
D)It can increase the risk of suicide.
________ abuse often leads to ________ abuse because it shows a lack of respect and a tendency for aggressive behavior.
A)Passive, verbal
B)Sexual, verbal
C)Verbal, physical
D)Physical, indirect
Why is being raised in a dysfunctional family a risk factor for being a victim or perpetrator of violence?
A)Violence is genetic.
B)Members of dysfunctional families may think violence is normal .
C)Members of dysfunctional families may have better skills to manage stress.
D)Members of dysfunctional families can be more resilient .
Why is sexual harassment illegal?
A)It prevents passive behavior.
B)It encourages aggressive behavior.
C)It leads to abuse.
D)People have the right to not be harassed at school or work.
Why have so many (three quarters) of high school students said they have been bullied at some time?
A)They don't know how to be aggressive themselves.
B)Children and teens are often insecure and immature, so they use aggressive behavior toward others.
C)Most teens are passive.
D)Most teens are aggressive.
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