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Lesson 62: Staying Safe During Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following should you not do if there is a risk of a wildland fire?
A)Stay at your home to protect it if even if you are asked to evacuate.
B)Close gas valves and turn off pilot lights.
C)Place valuables that would not be damaged by water into a pool or pond.
D)Take down flammable drapes and curtains and close all blinds and window coverings.
A(n) ______ is the sudden rising and overflowing of a body of water on to normally dry land.
C)flash flood
D)wildland fire
How can you prepare yourself for severe weather conditions or a natural disaster?
A)Prepare an emergency supply kit including items such as flashlight, first aid kit, and emergency food and water
B)Know the warning signals for your community, such as sirens or announcements
C)Develop an emergency communication plan
D)All of the above
Why is it important to pay attention to thunderstorm watches and warnings that are issued?
A)So you'll know if a hurricane is coming
B)So you can take down flammable window coverings
C)So you can be ready if the storm gets more severe
D)All of the above
What is an aftershock?
A)Panic people feel after an earthquake
B)The cleanup required after an earthquake
C)Smaller earthquakes that usually follows an earthquake
D)Something that is like a flash flood that follows an earthquake
Why is it important to protect your head and neck when taking shelter from a natural disaster or severe weather?
A)These are the two most vulnerable parts of your body.
B)These parts of your body will keep you warm if the power goes out.
C)These are the strongest parts of your body, so you'll need them for cleanup later.
D)a and b
Why would the Homeland Security Advisory System be raised to the color orange?
A)There is low risk of terrorist attacks.
B)There is no known information on terrorist activities.
C)There is a high risk of tornadoes developing.
D)There is a high risk of terrorist attacks.
Why should you remain in your car if you are stranded in a winter storm, instead of getting out and walking to get help?
A)Tornadoes can easily form during winter storms.
B)Electrical storms are common during winter storms.
C)A car provides you shelter and warmth, and you can easily become lost in a winter storm outside.
D)You should only stay in the car if you have food, water, and blankets.
What can you do to help prevent the risk of wildland fires?
A)Help educate others about how to avoid starting such fires
B)Be familiar with your community's warning system for severe weather
C)Stay updated on the Homeland Security Advisory System
D)All of the above
Which of the following is the most dangerous place to be during an electrical storm?
A)A basement
B)On a golf course
C)In a car
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