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Unit 10: Environmental Health

Web Links

EPA Student Center
The EPA student page provides information on environmental issues for students. Click on In Your Neighborhood to learn about environmental issues affecting your community. Use the zip code search to obtain a list of the EPA-regulated businesses in your area. Find out if there are problems with these businesses and if so, what is being done to solve them. In groups of 4, brainstorm to create a list of ideas on how to become involved in local clean-up efforts.
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Recycle City
Visit this section of the EPA's student page to learn how a town can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Play the Dumptown Game—you'll be the City Manager and implement any of nine different programs to manage the city's waste. Try to find out the best combination of programs for Dumptown, based on cost and effectiveness.
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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
This page of the U.S. Department of Energy Web site provides information for kids about types of energy and alternative fuels. Click on Solar Energy and take the Photovoltaics Quiz to test your knowledge.
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Backyard Conservation
The Natural Resources Conservation Service helps owners of America's private lands to protect natural resources. This page shows you how conservation practices can be adapted for use at home. Click on Wildlife Habitat to find plant species for birds. Choose a tree, shrub, or flower to plant at your home. You might choose to partner with a neighbor to share the cost.
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Clean Up The World
Here you'll learn about the largest community-based environment project in the world. Search the site and find out if there is already a committee established in your area. Click on Clean Up Kids and Clean Up the World under Get Involved to find out how to participate in the effort.
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