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Lesson 60: Protecting the Environment

Self-Check Quiz

Why is it important that you do not feed wild animals?
A)It decreases their chance of surviving on their own.
B)They become more independent.
C)They may attack humans.
D)All of these
The natural environment improves health status by providing which of the following?
A)A place to go to relieve stress
B)A quiet place to spend time by yourself
C)A place where you can participate in physical activities
D)All of these
A habitat is a _____________.
A)place where an animal or plant normally lives
B)a zoo
C)behavior that an animal must do to survive
D)place where an animal or plant do not normally live
Which of the following is a way to be considerate of others when enjoying the natural environment?
A)Not drinking from a lake or stream
B)Cleaning up your trash before leaving a campsite
C)Picking flowers from a public garden
D)Disregarding signs prohibiting biking or rollerblading
Why do you think parks and other natural areas have specific rules posted for visitors?
A)Because they don't want the areas to become too crowded
B)Because they may have information on how to keep the habitats safe that visitors may not know
C)So they will only attract people who really appreciate nature
D)All of the above
Why is it necessary to have wildlife sanctuaries?
A)Because zoos are not big enough to protect all the animals who need protection
B)To protect the natural environment due to pollution
C)To protect plants and animals from threats to their habitats
D)Because there are not enough parks
Which of the following is likely to have the highest level of air pollution?
A)A house in which paints and cleaners are stored in the garage
B)A backyard in a rural area
C)A house in which two people smoke regularly
D)A workplace that does not allow smoking
How does it help the environment to share information that you learn with others?
A)You may help someone change a behavior they didn't know was harmful to the environment
B)It helps to fund national parks
C)It increases your leisure time
D)It will encourage others to think highly of you
How did the National Community Service Trust increase the number of people dedicated to protecting the environment?
A)It's the same as the Peace Corps
B)It gives high school students summer jobs
C)It allows people who work to improve the environment to earn financial aid for college
D)It is a local level environmental improvement plan
Throwing trash out the window of your car is an example of __________.
A)conserving energy
B)health advocacy
C)respect for the environment
D)disrespect for the environment
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