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Lesson 59: Practicing Recycling and Conservation

Self-Check Quiz

The law of conservation of energy is ____________.
A)a scientific law that says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into a different form
B)a law that regulates how much energy people are allowed to consume in a day
C)a law that limits the amount of energy the nation is allowed to supply to other countries
D)a scientific theory that says energy can be created and destroyed
Which of the following statements is not true?
A)Solar energy is energy from the Sun.
B)Drying clothes on a clothesline in the warm weather is a way to conserve energy.
C)Wind turbines change wind energy to electricity.
D)Natural gas is the most abundant fossil fuel in the United States.
Paint, cleaners, and pesticides are examples of __________,
A)hazardous waste
B)bio-hazardous waste
C)biodegradable material
What is the difference between a sanitary landfill and a secure landfill?
A)A sanitary landfill has liners that keep leachate from escaping
B)A secure landfill has liners that keep leachate from escaping
C)One can have hazardous materials and one cannot
D)One can contain biohazardous waste and one cannot
Which of the following is closest to the definition of precycling?
Which of the following is an example of a way to conserve water?
A)Watering the lawn at noon on a hot day
B)Taking baths instead of showers
C)Washing multiple small loads of laundry
D)Taking showers instead of baths
How could you save money by buying an electronic thermostat control for your home?
A)It can automatically lower the temperature at night to save energy
B)You could use more energy in the winter to heat your home
C)Your electric company will reduce your rate for energy
D)It can automatically raise the heat at night to keep you warm
Which of the following energy sources is the cleanest burning fossil fuel?
D)Crude oil
Why is medical waste incinerated instead of put in a landfill?
A)It contains too much leachate
B)The humus it has in it is not good for the water supply
C)It contains tissue and fluid that carry diseases from sick people
D)All of the above
What is the problem with letting nonbiodegradable waste, such as glass, aluminum cans, and plastics accumulate in landfills and not recycle them?
A)They are hazardous waste which can pollute our water
B)We would have to create more and more landfills because these items do not break down on their own
C)It prevents precycling
D)They lead to increased levels of leachate
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