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Lesson 58: Preventing Noise and Visual Pollution

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following is a way you can avoid noise pollution?
A)Wear earplugs when you go to concerts or other loud events.
B)Avoid listening to music through headphones or headsets at unsafe levels.
C)Wear earplugs when you are using power equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
D)All of the above
According to OSHA, which of the following could cause permanent and immediate hearing loss?

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A)Chain saw
B)Car horn
D)Garbage truck
A ______ is a unit used to measure the loudness of sounds.
D)acoustic frequency
A(n) __________ is an immediate and permanent loss of hearing caused by a short, intense sound.
A)sound frequency
C)acoustic trauma
D)temporary threshold shift
Why should you be concerned with the noise level of something you are doing, such as mowing the grass or listening to music, even if you are wearing ear protection?
A)It may prevent you from getting tinnitus
B)Noise can still harm your ears, it depends on the pitch
C)You need to think about how the noise will affect others
D)All of the above
How can cleaning up trash in your neighborhood or community improve more than your visual environment?
A)It shows you have pride in your neighborhood
B)It shows you want others to take pride in your neighborhood
C)It shows you care about good health for yourself and others
D)All of the above
Which of the following is an effect of visual pollution, such as run-down buildings and yards?
A)Acoustic trauma
B)An increase in graffiti
C)Lack of pride in yourself and your neighborhood
D)Temporary threshold shift
If you want to create a space at home to relax and use for calming down after a difficult day, how could you decorate the room?
A)With a desk for working at home
B)By painting the room in blues and greens
C)By painting the room using red and yellow
D)By storing your magazines and extra papers there
Which of the following is an example of a temporary threshold shift?
B)A firecracker that explodes next to the ear causing permanent damage
C)The ringing in your ears that occurs for a few hours after going to a concert
D)The sound of a bus driving by as you are walking on the sidewalk
Which of the following jobs have a high risk of hearing damage?
A)Airport employee
B)Landscaping and lawn care worker
C)Office worker
D)a and b
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