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Lesson 57: Preventing Air and Water Pollution

Self-Check Quiz

_______ is a parasite that lives in the intestines of humans and other mammals.
A)Campylobacter jejuni
C)Giardia lamblia
D)E coli
Which of the following is a harmful gas found in smog?
B)Carbon dioxide
C)Hydrogen peroxide
D)All of these
Particulates in the air interfere with the action of _____ in the respiratory system.
D)asthma medication
Who needs to pay extra attention to the Air Quality Index?
A)Elderly people
B)People with young children
C)People with asthma or allergy problems
D)All of the above
If the AQI has a color of red, what does that tell you about the atmosphere that day?

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A)It's particulate-free
B)It's moderately healthy
C)It is unhealthy for everyone
D)It is unhealthy on for high-risk people
How could it be dangerous to do construction work in an older building or house?
A)There could be a lot of carbon monoxide
B)There could be a lot of sulfur oxides
C)There could be a lot of asbestos
D)There could be a lot of smog
Why shouldn't you burn trash or yard waste outside your home?
A)It causes water pollution
B)It causes air pollution
C)It causes runoff
D)It releases PCBs into the air
Why are scientists trying to find a new type of energy source that can replace fossil fuels?
A)Because they cause air pollution when burned
B)Because they cause radon pollution
C)Because we have run out of fossil fuels
D)Because they are full of formaldehyde
Which of the following might be found in water sources due to groundwater runoff?
A)Fertilizer from grass lawns
C)Carbon monoxide
D)All of the above
How could dioxins from a paper mill harm people who live far away from the site?
A)From lead contamination in groundwater
B)Due to EPA regulations
C)People breathe air that originate from the site
D)People eat fish from waters around the site
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