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Lesson 6: Setting Health Goals and Making Responsible Decisions

Self-Check Quiz

Which of the following is not a purpose for the Responsible Decision Making Model?
A)follow the guidelines of parents and of other responsible adults
B)promote health
C)demonstrate good character
D)follow what your friends are doing
A friend of yours has the habit of allowing others to make decisions for her. Her decisions are easily influenced by what others think and do. She lacks self-confidence and has a great need to be liked by others. This friend has what type of decision-making style?
A)proactive decision-making
B)reactive decision-making
C)boring decision-making
D)inactive decision-making
A choice that leads to actions that harm health, are unsafe, and lack good character is a ___________.
A)good decision
B)right decision
C)wrong decision
D)well thought out decision
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a proactive decision-making style?
A)having principles
B)not driven by circumstance and conditions
C)being empowered
D)easily influenced by peers
You borrowed a friend's sweater without asking. Your dog eats a small hole through the bottom of the sweater. The correct action would be restitution, which means _________.
A)blaming someone else
B)returning the sweater in hopes that your friend does not notice
C)keeping the sweater in hopes that your friend won't notice
D)not just apologizing, but also replacing the damaged sweater
You are given a project that is going to be due in four weeks. An inactive decision-maker would most likely procrastinate, which means __________.
A)pay very close attention to detail
B)start on it right away
C)they would wait until the night before to start the project
D)they would not do it at all
How will making an action plan help you reach a goal?
A)it will keep you more physically active
B)it won't; it's easier to just do whatever it is you want to do
C)it outlines what you should not do
D)it will help you stay focused on specific actions to reach your goal
Why do you think so many other countries have higher life expectancies than the U.S.?
A)The U.S. has less money to spend on its citizens' health.
B)Americans participate in more risk behaviors that lower life expectancy.
C)The U.S. doesn't have access to enough nutritious food.
D)Government agencies don't consider life expectancy important.
An inactive decision-maker ______.
A)has complete control over the direction of their lives
B)always makes decisions
C)has diffculty gaining self-confidence
D)never procrastinates
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