Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Lesson 3: Practicing Healthful Behaviors

Self-Check Quiz

A health behavior inventory is a ________.
A)list of food
B)checklist of health careers
C)checklist of daily household chores
D)checklist a person completes to learn if he/she is practicing healthful behaviors
Which of the following is a component of a health behavior contract?
A)effects on health status
B)a specific plan for recording your progress
C)a health goal
D)all of the above
In Lesson 1, you learned that to be a health literate person you need to be a responsible citizen. According to the Health Behavior Inventory, an example of how to be a responsible citizen is to _______.
A)help keep noise at a safe level
B)respect authority and obey laws
C)a health goal
D)all of the above
Because someone scores well on the health behavior inventory, does that mean they are living healthy lives?
A)No, because not all life skills are equally as important.
B)Yes, because all life skills affect your health in the exact same manner.
C)Yes, because a high score on tests means that you have done really well.
D)No, because they cheated.
Why do you want to avoid risk behaviors?
A)to prevent injury
B)to make sure you live as long as possible
C)Yes, because a high score on tests means that you have done really well.
D)all of the above
A written plan to develop the habit of practicing a specific healthful behavior is a _______.
A)health behavior contract
C)meal plan
What is the benefit of putting your name on a health behavior contract?
A)You will feel more committed to practice your health goal.
B)If someone finds it, they can return it.
C)The contract will look more official.
D)So you can get credit for it at school
What happens when a risk behavior becomes a habit?
A)you enjoy life more
B)you have better friends
C)you are in good physical condition
D)you begin to automatically use a behavior that is harmful
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