Meeks Heit Health & Wellness

Lesson 1: Taking Responsibility for Health

Self-Check Quiz

Which one of the ten factors that affect your health status is under your control?
A)the type of risks you take
B)random events that occur in your life
D)all of the above
Being a self-directed learner is a component of becoming a health literate person. This involves _______.
A)attending talks and seminars to learn about health
B)setting aside time to stay informed about your health and health-related issues
C)taking personal responsibility for gathering and using health-related information
D)all of the above
A friend asks you for advice on how they can improve their level of wellness. You suggest ________.
A)avoid taking unnecessary risks
B)surrounding yourself with happy, healthy relationships
C)attending regular medical and dental checkups
D)all of the above
All of the following are environmental factors that promote health except
A)living in a crowded city with high levels of pollution
B)having a constant supply of clean drinking water
C)having access to plenty of sun light
D)living in the country where there is fresh air
How can health literacy improve your quality of life?
A)You will earn more money.
B)You will be able to read faster.
C)You will learn how to take unnecessary risks.
D)It will help you make healthful decisions.
Why would poor family-social health have negative effect on teens?
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A)They might be doing poorly in school.
B)All people need to feel accepted and supported at home.
C)They might not have very big families.
D)Their families might spend too much time together.
All of the following are examples of healthful behaviors except
A)eating a healthy diet
B)not wearing your safety belt
C)being drug-free
D)exercising regularly
Which of the following situations is a random event that affects a person's health status?
A)you lay out in the summer sun without suntan lotion and get burned
B)a neighbor's house catches on fire and they suffer smoke inhalation
C)an adult decides to abuse alcohol and develops liver cancer
D)a person does not visit the doctor for an appointment because they would rather go shopping instead
Which of the following would be considered an inherited protective factor?
A)a biological parent is diagnosed with diabetes at the age of thirty
B)a biological grandparent died from heart disease in their fifties
C)your biological parents enjoy good health into their eighties
D)you do not go to the doctor when you are sick
A group of kids at a party are pressuring you to smoke with them. Knowing that cigarettes harm your health, you rely on your ____ skills and say no.
C)conflict resolution
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