Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology (Shier), 13th Edition

Chapter 8: Joints of the Skeletal System

Learning Outcomes

8.1 Introduction
        1  List the functions of joints.
8.2 Classification of Joints
        2  Explain how joints can be classified according to the type of tissue that binds the bones together.
        3  Describe how bones of fibrous joints are held together.
        4  Describe how bones of cartilaginous joints are held together.
8.3 General Structure of a Synovial Joint
        5  Describe the general structure of a synovial joint.
8.4 Types of Synovial Joints
        6  Distinguish among the six types of synovial joints and name an example of each type.
8.5 Types of Joint Movements
        7  Explain how skeletal muscles produce movements at joints, and identify several types of joint movements.
8.6 Examples of Synovial Joints
        8  Describe the shoulder joint and explain how its articulating parts are held together.
        9  Describe the elbow, hip, and knee joints and explain how their articulating parts are held together.
8.7 Life-Span Changes
       10  Describe life-span changes in joints.

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