Biology (Mader), 10th Edition

Chapter 14: Biotechnology and Genomics

Straight Corn Rows

Objective: The student will investigate the underlying genetic control of corn kernel arrangement and apply the information to the understanding of transposon action and artificial selection in plant crops.

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In corn, the ramosa1 gene product affects:
A)kernel coloration
B)kernel size
C)branching of the cob
D)all of the above

The corn cobs with straight rows of kernels purchased today in markets:
A)lack branching completely
B)arose due to artificial selection by farmers
C)have an even number of kernel rows
D)b and c
E)all of the above

The twisted ear of corn seen in the video:
A)was exposed to a common pesticide
B)arose due to genetic engineering of the ramosa1 gene
C)came from a unique species of corn plant
D)none of the above

The "jumping genes", or transposons, mentioned in the article:
A)exist in plants and animals
B)can mutate genes
C)helped the scientists isolate the ramosa1 gene
D)a and b
E)all of the above
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