Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 12th Edition (Shier)

Chapter 5: Tissues

Learning Outcomes

5.1 Introduction
1: List the four major tissue types, and indicate a function of each type.

5.2 Epithelial Tissues
2: Describe the general characteristics and functions of epithelial tissues.
3: Name the types of epithelium and identify an organ in which is found.
4: Explain how glands are classified.

5.3 Connective Tissues
5: Compare and contrast the ground substance, cells and fibers in different types of connective tissue.
6: Describe the major functions of each type of connective tissue.
7: Identify a location where each type of connective tissue is found.

5.4 Types of Membranes
8: Distinguish among the four major types of membranes.

5.5 Muscle Tissues
9: Distinguish among the three types of muscle tissues.

5.6 Nervous Tissues
10: Describe the general characteristics and functions of nervous tissues

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