Biology (Raven), 9th Edition

Table of Contents

Part I: The Molecular Basis of Life

1 The Science of Biology
2 The Nature of Molecules
3 The Chemical Building Blocks of Life

Part II: Biology of the Cell
4 Cell Structure
5 Membranes
6 Energy and Metabolism
7 How Cells Harvest Energy
8 Photosynthesis
9 Cell Communication
10 How Cells Divide

Part III: Genetic and Molecular Biology
11 Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
12 Patterns of Inheritance
13 Chromosomes, Matting and the Meiosis-Inheritance Connection
14 DNA: The Genetic Material
15 Genes and How They Work
16 Control of Gene Expression
17 Biotechnology
18 Genomics
19 Cellular Mechanisms of Development

Part IV: Evolution
20 Genes Within Populations
21 The Evidence for Evolution
22 The Origin of Species
23 Systematics and the Phylogenetic Revolution
24 Genome Evolution
25 Evolution of Development

Part V: Diversity of Life on Earth
26 The Tree of Life
27 Viruses
28 Prokaryotes
29 Protists
30 Overview of Green Plants
31 Fungi
32 Overview of Animal Diversity
33 Noncoelomate Invertebrates
34 Coelomate Invertebrates
35 Vertebrates

Part VI: Plant Form and Function
36 Plant Form
37 Vegetative Plant Development
38 Transport in Plants
39 Plant Nutrition and Soils
40 Plant Defense Responses
41 Sensory Systems in Plants
42 Plant Reproduction

Part VII: Animal Form and Function
43 The Animal Body and Principles of Regulation
44 The Nervous System
45 Sensory Systems
46 The Endocrine System
47 The Musculoskeletal System
48 The Digestive System
49 The Respiratory System
50 The Circulatory System
51 Osmotic Regulation and the Urinary System
52 The Immune System
53 The Reproductive System
54 Animal Development

Part VIII: Ecology and Behavior
55 Behavioral Biology
56 Population Ecology
57 Community of Ecology
58 Dynamics of Ecosystems
59 The Biosphere
60 Conservation Biology

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