The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View, 1st Edition (King)

Chapter 15: Therapies

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of the following is an example of a class of anti-anxiety drugs?
C)monoamine oxidase inhibitors
How does Prozac work?
A)It elevates mood by producing dopamine.
B)It blocks the reabsorption of serotonin.
C)It blocks the action of dopamine.
D)It creates an excess of GABA.
Psychodynamic therapy developed out of the work of which theorist?
A)Sigmund Freud
B)Carl Rogers
C)Aaron Beck
D)Fritz Perls
Which part of the dream is remembered by the dreamer?
A)latent content
B)transference content
C)manifest content
D)resistance content
Which of the following is an example of resistance?
A)saying whatever comes to mind, in a stream-of-consciousness manner
B)experiencing emotional release by revisiting painful memories
C)showing up late to therapy appointments
D)discussing childhood embarrassments
Which therapy would be most focused on exploring childhood relationships?
A)behavioral therapy
B)cognitive therapy
C)humanistic therapy
D)psychodynamic therapy
Which of the following techniques is most associated with humanistic therapy?
A)challenging distorted thinking
B)exploring unconscious motives
C)unconditional positive regard
D)focusing on parent-child dynamics
Which theorist is most closely associated with Gestalt therapy?
A)Carl Rogers
B)Fritz Perls
C)Albert Ellis
D)Aaron Beck
Which therapy would be least focused on emotions?
A)behavioral therapy
B)humanistic therapy
C)Gestalt therapy
D)psychodynamic therapy
Classical conditioning is most associated with which type of therapy?
A)cognitive therapy
B)humanistic therapy
C)behavioral therapy
D)sociocultural therapy
A person who is afraid of snakes is taken to a zoo by his therapist and made to sit in a room with dozens of snakes. This is an example of
A)classical conditioning.
C)aversive conditioning.
D)cognitive restructuring.
A person who is trying to quit smoking wears a rubber band around her wrist. Every time she has a craving to smoke, she snaps the rubber band. In what type of therapeutic technique is she engaging?
B)systematic desensitization
C)token economy
D)aversive conditioning
Which of the following techniques would be consistent with a behavioral approach?
A)exploring the messages a person received about food while growing up
B)challenging a person’s all-or-none thinking about weight
C)encouraging someone to buy himself or herself a new pair of shoes for losing 15 pounds
D)discussing the meaning of weight in a person’s self-image
Which of the following therapies is most focused on unconscious thought processes?
A)psychodynamic therapy
B)cognitive therapy
C)humanistic therapy
D)psychoanalytic therapy
Cognitive therapy views psychological problems as resulting from what?
A)unconscious conflicts
B)irrational thoughts
C)interpersonal disharmony
D)faulty prior learning
Group therapy can be helpful for clients because
A)It is more cost-effective than individual therapy.
B)Clients can interact in genuine relationships, which is more like real life than individual therapy.
C)It allows clients to not invest as much psychological energy as in individual therapy.
D)Clients are more comfortable speaking in groups.
When the therapist lets the client know that he or she understands and accepts the client, it is known as
A)cognitive restructuring.
B)interpersonal learning.
C)systematic desensitization.
Research has demonstrated that improvements from psychotherapy are most apparent during the first
A)two sessions of therapy.
B)two months of therapy.
C)six months of therapy.
D)three years of therapy.
_____ is a short-term therapy that focuses on encouraging client’s strengths.
A)Cognitive-behavioral therapy
B)Integrative therapy
C)Common-factors therapy
D)Well-being therapy
A person with a phobia of horses would likely benefit most from which type of therapy?
A)systematic desensitization
B)group therapy
D)family therapy
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