The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View, 1st Edition (King)

Chapter 1: What Is Psychology? Defining Psychology

Multiple Choice Quiz

The term psychopathology refers to
A)the study of psychology.
B)mental illness.
C)the distinction between psychologists and psychiatrists.
D)the focus of counseling psychology.
Which of the following approaches is most closely related to positive psychology?
A)the behavioral approach
B)the psychodynamic approach
C)the humanistic approach
D)the cognitive approach
A psychologist who focused on the ways in which people's family background related to their current functioning would be associated with which psychological approach?
A)the behavioral approach
B)the psychodynamic approach
C)the humanistic approach
D)the cognitive approach
The researcher most-associated with functionalism is
A)William James.
B)Wilhelm Wundt.
C)Charles Darwin.
D)E. B. Titchener.
A psychologist is attempting to understand why certain physical characteristics are rated as attractive. The psychologist explains that certain characteristics have been historically adaptive, and thus are considered attractive. This explanation is consistent with which of the following approaches?
A)the sociocultural approach
B)the humanistic approach
C)the cognitive approach
D)the evolutionary approach
Which approach would explain depression in terms of disordered thinking?
A)the humanistic approach
B)the evolutionary approach
C)the cognitive approach
D)the sociocultural approach
Which of the following would a sociocultural psychologist be likely to study?
A)the impact of media messages on women's body image
B)the way in which neurotransmitters are implicated in the development of eating disorders
C)the impact of thinking patterns on weight management
D)the benefits of exercise in preventing obesity.
Why is psychology considered a science?
A)It focuses on internal mental processes.
B)It classifies mental disorders.
C)It focuses on observation, drawing conclusions, and prediction.
D)It focuses on behavior.
Why is it important to study positive psychology?
A)Psychologists are only interested in the experiences of healthy persons.
B)We get a fuller understanding of human experience by focusing on both positive and negative aspects of life.
C)Negative experiences in people's lives tell us little about people's mental processes.
D)Psychology has been too focused on the negative.
From where did psychology emerge?
A)the work of Wilhelm Wundt
B)early philosophical thought
C)the natural sciences
D)All of the answers are correct.
How is natural selection related to psychology?
A)Humans and animals are related.
B)Survival is related to environmental conditions alone and not to genetics.
C)Humans behave and think the way they do in part because it helped them survive.
D)It is unrelated to psychology.
A researcher interested in the way in which our sense of smell works would likely be associated with which of the following areas of specialization?
A)cognitive psychology
C)motivation and learning
D)sensation and perception
Which of the following areas of specialization would focus on the ways in which stress is related to cancer remission?
A)cognitive psychology
B)community psychology
C)health psychology
D)behavioral neuroscience
Which of the following career options are available to psychologists?
A)a variety of job settings
B)well-paying jobs
C)diversity within day-to-day work activities
D)All of the answers are correct.
Which of the following areas of inquiry would likely be of interest to a positive psychologist?
A)the ways in which genetic factors influence the development of depression
B)the ways in which survivors of Hurricane Katrina made meaning of their experience
C)the ways in which parenting style related to children's attachment
D)the ways in which brain lesions affect personality
What type of training do clinical psychologists usually have?
A)a medical degree, such as M.D.
B)a doctoral degree, such as Ph.D.
C)a bachelor's degree, such as B.A.
D)All of the answers are correct.
How many hours should you typically study to do well in a course?
A)three to four hours
B)two to three hours for every hour in class
C)twenty hours per week
D)None of the answers are correct.
What is the relationship between the mind and the body?
A)The mind impacts the body.
B)The body impacts the mind.
C)The mind and body have reciprocal effects on each other.
D)There is no relationship between the mind and the body.
Which of the following would be considered an applied psychologist?
A)social psychologist
B)personality psychologist
C)counseling psychologist
D)cognitive psychologist
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